SIMATIC SIS compact is a complete stand-alone safety system, based on tried-and-tested, selected hardware and software components. It was developed for use in dedicated Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) for critical process industries.
Examples include:

         Burner Management System (BMS)

         Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

         Fire&Gas (F&G) applications

         High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) 

SIMATIC SIS compact provides functional safety and protects humans, the environment, and the factory from dangerous events by bringing the process to a safe state in the event of a critical process situation. The SIMATIC SIS compact system uses the well-established safety components SIMATIC S7 F systems and the SIMATIC Safety Matrix as a standard. This easy-to-use system is designed for cost-effective, functional safety solutions for small to mid-size plant configurations.

The basic hardware for SIMATIC SIS compact is CPU 410SIS, which is based on CPU 410. It has 4 MB main memory and no limitation for the cycle times.