Gulf Glass

The benefits of digitalization in glass production: Integration of engineering, operations, and services based on consistent digitalization enables fast, knowledgeable, fact-based decision making – which serves as a reliable basis for systematic optimization of processes.

Performance in engineering

With regard to planning and engineering, performance can be equated with minimizing time and costs. “Integrated Engineering” offers an unique approach here: an integrated planning workflow from the description of the process to the automation program.

Using the SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA), both engineers and planning offices and end customers can significantly reduce their configuration and commissioning costs while simultaneously improving the quality of engineering.

PAA expands the functionality for plant configuration and documentation. To improve efficiency in plant engineering, the PAA provides support generating offesr with a plant topology plan and the bills of materials to the automatic generation of SIMATIC PCS 7 data from electrical and function plans.